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The importance of a bride's bouquet

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Imagine this: You're walking down the aisle (which may seem like the most exciting walk you'll take in your life) to meet Mr. McDreamy. You know, that person you've been wait your WHOLE life for. What are you holding in your hands?

The History of the bouquet

Before we begin talking about the importance of modern-day bridal bouquets, we have to take a look at the past. Depending where (and what century) you're in, there are different meanings for this tradition. You know,... Flowers aren't just a beautiful way to dress up your table when guests come over for dinner.

-In ancient Rome, brides often wore a garland of fresh flowers. They were viewed as a sign of good fortune, fertility, and new beginnings.

-Brides in the middle ages carried bouquets with fresh herbs, flowers, as well as garlic and dill. Talk about a fragrant bouquet! These were made in hopes to "ward off evil spirits".

-To cover their ....smell. Yes, you read that right. Back in the medieval times, annual baths were a thing. As in- ONCE. A. YEAR. Brides clutched onto fresh flowers in hopes they would smell nice on their wedding day.

Modern day bouquets

So what makes bouquets important now, you ask? A bouquet is an extremely important piece of your wedding day, as it contributes to the overall design of your wedding. When will you ever have the opportunity to carry around a bunch of flowers all day that was specially created for you? Your bouquet will be in most of your pictures that day, so it's important that the flowers you have chosen compliment you well. Consider the colors, shape, and texture! I am always looking for creative ways to create a special memory for my clients. From tying lockets with photographs of loved ones, to using flower that have a deeper meaning to the bride, there are so many ways to make your bouquet memorable. A beautiful example of this is Meghan Markle's wedding bouquet, which paid tribute to Princess Diana, Prince Harry's mother. Meghan's bouquet, was made of Princess Diana's favorite flower, the forget-me-nots. It was creatively paired with sweet peas, lily of the valley, astilbe, jasmine, and astrantia. After the festivities, it was driven about an hour east to London's Westminster Abbey, where it was placed on the grave of the Unknown Warrior. Meghan not only included flowers that were important to her and Harry, but also did something so beautiful with it after.

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